The 2024 sailing season runs from May 4th till September 29th.

May: every Saturday and Sunday. We will also sail on Ascension day, 9 May and 10 May. And at Whit Monday 20 May.
June: every Saturday and Sunday. 
July: the whole month from Wednesday / Sunday.
August: the whole month from Wednesday / Sunday.
September: every Saturday and Sunday.

For more clarity about our sailing days on the calendar alongside.


Numansdorp - Willemstad     

Willemstad - Numansdorp

11.00 !!! 11.30 !!!!
12.00 13.00
14.00 15.00
16.00 17.00

During busy days, we do not sail as scheduled, then we sail continuously.

If the wind blows too hard, we will stop sailing! You can always call for information: 0610434474