Ferry Anna

PAY ATTENTION! The times in the morning have changed !! 

The first departures are: 11.00 am from Numansdorp and 11.30 am from Willemstad. 

Welcome to Veerdienst Anna, the ferry service between Numansdorp and Willemstad. In approximately 20 minutes 'de Anna' will take you to your destination. There is room for 12 people and 12 bicycles on board. There is also a comfortable indoor and outdoor space, you can bring your bike for free! The sailing period in 2021 runs from Saturday 1 May to Sunday 26 September.



Offer: Sailing and cycling round: Numansdorp - Willemstad - Moerdijk - Strijensas. The crossings with the ferries cost you only 7 euros and your bike can go for free!